Charissa Thompson and Erin Andrews have often joked about taking the credit for setting up Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, and the “Calm Down” podcast hosts got to see their love in person at the Eras tour in London.

Charissa, 42, and Erin, 46, attended the first night of Taylor’s three-night set of shows at Wembley Stadium in London on June 21, where they were spotted hanging out with Travis, 34, in the VIP tent. The pair opened up about their experience with the Kansas City Chiefs tight end on the Tuesday, June 25, episode of their podcast, and Charissa had a sweet story to share.

“This is my first time seeing Travis in person watch her at a concert. There is a picture that I took just of her on stage and he is, like, off to the side, and the way that he looks at her when she’s performing, I said to him, ‘You must be so proud.’ He’s like, ‘You have no idea,’” the Amazon Prime Video sportscaster said.

Erin also talked about a moment where Taylor, 34, appeared to be singing her song “Lover” directly to her boyfriend.

“We were kinda all standing there watching it and it was awesome,” the Fox Sports personality explained. “For romantics like Charissa and I, for a guy that we cheer for on and off the field, and obviously, we’re massive fans of hers, it was really cool and it was kinda like an inside look of, like, a relationship that all of us had been hoping for. But it was really, really special and he was just standing there and just taking her in.”

After seeing the way Travis and Taylor looked at each other at the concert, Erin slammed critics who thought the relationship was a publicity stunt.

Travis Kelce Gushed About Taylor Swift to Charissa Thompson
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“We were there, we saw them,” she said. “I don’t believe for a second this is an act. I’m embarrassed of all the people that said it was a PR stunt. I don’t want it to be. I will say this, I hope to God they get married. I want this thing to last. It is so cool to watch. Having a guy that is that successful — he walks into a room, he lights up a room — having him support her the way he does is such a great message for so many people.”

But Erin and Charissa didn’t just watch Taylor and Travis’ romance unfold at the show — they also attempted to do some recon work for fans. The WEAR by Erin Andrews founder said that she asked the NFL star, who later made his stage debut during night three, if he knew what Taylor’s surprise songs would be ahead of time.

“He was great, whether he had a poker face or not, he was like, ‘I think it’s an old one and one of the new ones,’” she said. “And it was adorable. He goes, ‘And the bridge leads to this.’ I just looked at him and I go, ‘The fact that you just said ‘Bridge’ blows my mind.'”

Erin and Charissa have been rooting for Travis and Taylor since their relationship began in July 2023. After the Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity? host opened up about trying and failing to give the pop star his phone number at one of her concerts last summer, Erin and Charissa went on their podcast and encouraged Taylor to give him a chance. Travis has since thanked the pair for their dedication to getting his relationship started, but Erin admitted that she really doesn’t “take any credit” for the romance.

“We said, you know, ‘Hey Taylor, date Travis Kelce! He’s so fabulous! Do it for America!’” she told The New York Post on May 8. “We just had fun with it.”