Sigh. Rumors have been swirling that Khloé Kardashian and her cheating baby daddy, Tristan Thompson, are on the rocks, but since they reunited for Halloween, no one knows WTF they’re doing. Is anyone else exhausted?? To add fuel to the fire, the NBA baller commented on Koko’s latest Instagram snap of their daughter, and needless to say, fans weren’t feeling it.

“Baby Trueeeeeeee 😍❤,” he wrote on his maybe, possibly girlfriend’s photo on Wednesday, Oct. 31.

Immediately, one person trolled, “His voice is actually so annoying 😂😂😂,” while another added, “Jerk,” and a third harshly chimed in, “You annoy the f–k out of me, loser.” Ouch!

Tristan Thompson Comments Khloé Kardashian Instagram

Of course, people aren’t exactly thrilled with him these days. ICYMI, videos of the now 27-year-old making out and motorboating women (who were not named Khloé) leaked just days before she gave birth.

At the time, a source told Life & Style exclusively that the 34-year-old was “done.” They said, “Tristan’s f—ed up big time. He knows it. And Khloé’s pissed! Khloé’s done. She’s so f–king done. Her stomach hurts so bad and it’s not from the pregnancy. She could kill Tristan right now.”

Still, the KUWTK star stuck by her man — much to fans’ dismay. In fact, several haters even called his infidelity “karma” because Tristan’s ex Jordan Craig was pregnant when he broke up with her. Not long after that, he and Khlo started dating. “No encouragement bihhh she took someone’s boyfriend. Karma is a serious thing,” said one troll. Another agreed, writing, “You lose them how you get em.” One person even suggested she name her baby “Karma.” Ugh.

Drama aside, baby True looked pretty darn happy dressed up as a lil’ unicorn (and pig!), and TBH, that’s all that matters.

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