That’s one expensive pregnancy craving! Fans have been following along on WWE Superstars Mike “The Miz” Mizanin and Maryse‘s journey to parenthood on USA’s hit new reality TV series Miz and Mrs., and on this week’s episode, Maryse revealed what her number one pregnancy craving was: truffles! But truffles are extremely expensive, and it led to a hilarious quest for Mike to try to find a more affordable way for Maryse to indulge in her pregnancy craving.

“My pregnancy craving is truffles. I like the smell and I like the way it tastes but they’re very very expensive, rare mushrooms,” Maryse explained in her confessional, as she tried to justify her cravings. “I’m only pregnant for nine months, so sorry! It makes me happy.”

Her favorite meal was a truffle pasta served with pecorino cheese, which cost a whopping $600. Mike tried to recreate the meal at home with store-bought boxed shells and cheese with jarred truffles, but even though Maryse appreciated the sweet gesture, she said it didn’t taste the same. Luckily for Mike, Maryse’s OB/GYN suggested that she cut back on the high-carb foods because she was gaining too much for her pregnancy so no more truffle pasta.

Other than truffles, Maryse had very healthy pregnancy cravings while she was pregnant with their daughter Monroe. During an exclusive interview with Life & Style, Mike joked that his wife wanted “anything that’s [in] dirt,” and Maryse had to explain the hilarious backstory so that fans don’t think she wasn’t actually eating dirt throughout her pregnancy.

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“When you say anything that’s like in the dirt, it doesn’t sound right,” Maryse told Life & Style. “Like a carrot grows in a garden, so what I was trying to say was anything that grows in the garden — you know, that garden smell, which is kind of weird because that’s super healthy. But that’s what I was trying to say, but the French-Canadian in me wasn’t capable of doing that, I was looking for my words and I, unfortunately, said dirt.”

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