We all wanna know what’s going on with Scheana Marie‘s dating life, there’s no question about that. The super sexy Vanderpump Rules star definitely doesn’t have a hard time chatting up guys, but there’s one dude she might have a little difficulty getting to — and she really wants him. When the 33-year-old spoke with Life & Style exclusively at the Palms Casino Resort’s Grand Opening Weekend and KAOS unveiling on April 5 in Las Vegas, she dished about her ultimate celebrity crush.

“I mean, Drake if he’s listening,” the singer gushed about the “God’s Plan” rapper, and we definitely do not blame her. In fact, if the Toronto star isn’t at least in your top five celeb crushes, you might need to reevaluate your list.

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The SURver, in the meantime, will have to settle for the likes of her coworker Adam Spott — but any Pump Rules fan could tell you that whole hookup situation is a disaster waiting to happen for those two.

The divorcée herself claims things are complicated with the duo, who are apparently still close friends. “We’re in the exact same place as we were where you’re watching the show right now,” she told Us Weekly back in March. “So, it hasn’t progressed, it hasn’t worsened. It’s just there.”

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Well, what’s a girl to do? Most of us would just jump on our phones and get on Tinder or one of the many dating apps and services so prevalent on the Internet in 2019. But Scheana isn’t too into a digital approach to meeting guys.

“No, I’m anti-dating apps. It’s not my thing,” the “Good As Gold” singer admitted to Life & Style during the grand opening of The Barbershop Cuts and Cocktails at The Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas back in March.

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So, if you know any dudes who have a ~celebrity crush~ on Scheana, let them know not to get their hopes up on a Tinder match — especially if they’re in the West Hollywood area.