If you follow Scheana Marie on social media, you may have noticed that the Vanderpump Rules star’s Instagram feed is getting hotter by the day. After years of hard work in the gym, the 32-year-old Bravolebrity finally feels comfortable in her own skin — and has been proudly showing off the fruits of her labor in super sexy snapshots.

In an exclusive interview with Life & Style, Scheana opens up about her fitness journey and the newfound sense of confidence she’s picked up along the way. “I am very proud of how far I’ve come and that wasn’t always the case. I was very uncomfortable in my body for a few years. I put on 25 pounds of unhealthy party weight in my 20s,” the “Shake That” songstress says. “So I got with a personal trainer, Seth Browning, who put me on a meal plan and really whipped my a– into shape.”

According to Scheana (who has since lost those pesky 25 pounds), it was Seth and his expertise that transformed not only her body, but her self-esteem as well. “He gave me the confidence to wear a bikini again and take sexy photos and not need Photoshop. And that was something that, for a while, I wasn’t comfortable with. And now I feel like, ‘You know what? I’ve worked really hard for my body and I’m comfortable in it again,’” the brunette beauty explains. “And I just want to show that off and show other girls that if I can do it, you can do it. And that feels great!”

Scheana — who measures in at a petite 5’5” and was a flyer on her high school cheerleading squad — tells Life & Style that she gained a bit of unwanted weight in her early 20s, when she moved from West Covina, CA, to LA. “I’ve always been a naturally thin person,” she says. “I really only put on weight around the age of 23 when I just was going to clubs all the time and drinking sugary shots and fell in love with wine and drank beer all the time. That’s when I was at my heaviest.”

So how exactly did Scheana slim down and sculpt her most bangin’ bod ever? “I like to keep my stomach flat and my butt perky, so a lot of abs and a lot of squats. But when I was first getting in shape, I had to do a lot of cardio for the first few months. I was doing cardio seven days a week,” the TV personality says, adding that she now prefers circuit training and heavy lifting. “But once I shed the initial weight, I calmed down on the cardio. I’m not trying to get any thinner. I’m just working my butt off to stay toned.”

Scheana’s trainer, Seth, can attest. The handsome Body by Browning founder tells Life & Style that he couldn’t be more proud of his famous client for taking control of her health. “What most people don’t get to see on Pump Rules is how professional Scheana is in all areas of her life. She almost never arrives late to a session and always makes sure she is on my schedule two to three weeks in advance,” Seth says. “She never complains about a workout ever — unless it’s filmed on her bad side! — and approaches everything with a childlike enthusiasm. It’s a really unique combo of qualities that can give people insane results, being ultra dedicated and just enjoying the process as it unfolds.”

Indeed, Scheana loves nothing more than breaking a sweat these days. Even though the insanely svelte entertainer recently relocated from West Hollywood to Las Vegas to star in Sex Tips for Straight Women From a Gay Man, she still clocks in plenty of time at the gym. “The place I live at, there’s a 24-hour gym so I have no excuse,” she tells Life & Style. “Seth isn’t around all the time, which sucks, but I still follow his workout plan because he’s just the best. And he knows what works for me and my body.”

Of course, Scheana misses having Seth around, but the Sin City transplant is happy to get in even more exercise performing six nights a week at the Paris Las Vegas hotel. “It does help now with this job. Right now, I’m working out every night on stage,” she says of her new Sex Tips gig. “Like, the finale dance and just rehearsing, that’s a good workout in itself!”

Obviously, nutrition and working out are equally important when trying to get in shape. So, with her trainer’s guidance, Scheana temporarily adjusted her eating habits to kickstart her weight loss. Though she cut down on carbs during the first phase of her physical transformation, Scheana has slowly added back in some of her favorite meals.

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“My diet kind of went back to normal,” she says. “I missed my pasta and enchiladas and all that way too much, so my diet isn’t as healthy as it used to be.” Still, the SURver hardly touches alcohol — and when she does, she keeps it low-cal with a glass of “Tito’s vodka, soda, and three lemons.” Scheana assures, “I still don’t drink beer, wine, whiskey or any of the crap that I used to drink.”

And she doesn’t plan to anytime soon. “Really, this was a lifestyle change,” the actress tells Life & Style. “It goes beyond just wanting to look good. Yes, I’m thinner and I feel better showing more skin now, but I’ve never felt healthier. I have more energy and I’ve never felt better about myself on all fronts.”

For tickets to Sex Tips for Straight Women From a Gay Man, click here. Vanderpump Rules airs on Bravo Mondays at 9 p.m. EST. And for more fitspo, check out the most dramatic celebrity weight loss transformations in the video below!