Sorry to disappoint, ladies and gentleman, but it looks as though things between Ariana Grande and Victoria Justice are A-OK! ICYMI: On Nov. 30, Ari dropped her highly anticipated music video for “thank u, next,” which included cameos from her former Victorious co-stars Elizabeth Gillies, Matt Bennett, and Daniella Monet. However, viewers couldn’t help but notice that Victoria herself was MIA from the hit production.

Naturally, because the internet is dark and full of terrors, fans took Victoria’s absence as an intentional snub and decided to dredge up old feud rumors between the Nickelodeon alums. Thankfully, both ladies took to social media to squash that theory once and for all.

Shortly after the TUN next video dropped, the 25-year-old actress commented words of praise on one of Ariana’s recent posts. After a few days of radio silence, Ariana replied on Dec. 2, with some adoring emojis. Phew. Had the songstress not replied, we definitely would have been smelling some major beef.

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Speaking of which, this isn’t the first time that the pair has had to address their rumored bad blood. Back in 2015, Victoria made her first attempt to convince everyone that she and Ari were just peachy.

“I would love to set the record straight because I feel these rumors have been going on for way too long,” she said during an appearance on The Meredith Vieira Show. “So basically, there was an article in Seventeen magazine where [Ariana] had said that she was bullied on set, and the magazine basically alluded to it being me.” Uh-oh… 

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“Once the article came out — actually before it came out — she texted me privately, and she was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I am so sorry. You know how the media twists words. I was not talking about you obviously, I was talking about someone on Broadway I had worked with.’ But once it got out there everyone thought that I was this bully and mean to her, which couldn’t be further from the truth,” she revealed.

Hmmm, sounds pretty legit, if you ask us. Here’s a concept: Maybe they just weren’t that close then and grew even further apart over the years. So much so, that it would have been weird for Ari to include her in the video. Things aren’t always as deep as you want them to be, fam.