Sometimes… you’re just too hangry for the internet. Pop star Ariana Grande has been through a lot in her romantic life recently, between her split from ex-fiancé Pete Davidson after a whirlwind romance, and her longtime ex-boyfriend Mac Miller’s recent passing. So, when she took to social media on Dec. 1, to talk about her feelings on love, the words were understandable, even if they were a bit harsh. But it turns out Ari just needed a snack and she came back to social media a little while later to explain exactly where the tweets were coming from. Spoiler alert: it was her stomach.

According to Us Weekly, Ari took to Twitter last night and posted a few since-deleted tweets that let fans know exactly where her heart was in that moment, when it came to finding out what she wants next romantically. “Actually, I don’t want no ‘next,” she wrote, undoubtedly referring to her hit song ‘thank u, next.’

Kevin Mazur/WireImage

She even went in some more, you know, just for a bit more clarity. “True love doesn’t exist. Hope you’re having a great day!” Yikes. Sounds like someone’s in their feelings. One final tweet rounded up the bunch, as far as the now-deleted ones go. “Remember when I was a hopeless romantic lmfaoooOO[sic],” she finalized her thoughts on her love life thus far.

But, as it happens, sometimes… a girl just needs to eat. A little while later, Ari came back to Twitter to throw down her version of an explanation for the deleted tweets. “True love might exist, I was just hungry,” she told fans, but she also wanted to make sure they knew she was still kinda dissing on love, despite being fed. “But still, f–k that,” she closed out her thoughts on the subject.

Those last two tweets can still be seen on her official Twitter, so it stands to reason those words are the message she wants her fans to take away on the subject. But it’s good to know that even the biggest stars get that hangry vibe and let loose in ways they don’t always mean –– next time you’re feeling famished, Ari, hit the fridge before the keyboard, babe.