Girl, are you OK? On Nov. 15, Ariana Grande took to Twitter to share a series of black heart emojis. Seeing as the “thank u, next” singer is notorious for dropping clues on social media, her fans started to wonder if the symbols actually meant something.

“Is the black heart some sort of tea or am I reaching?” one of Ari’s followers questioned. “U reaching reachin baby,” the 25-year-old replied, but she didn’t stop there.

“JK I’m empty and my heart is black now so,” Ariana added. Of course, a statement like that — especially after her sudden split from former fiancé and SNL comedian Pete Davidson — caused some panic. After receiving a few worried tweets, Ariana clarified that she was just joking… sort of: “Kiiiiiiddding (i’m not kidding) kiiiiiiiiddding relax,” she wrote. 

Ari, we love you, but you need to quit playing these games! To be fair, though, we should have known that the brunette beauty was just having a laugh. After all, she’s clearly been thriving these past few weeks.

Most recently, Ariana took to Instagram to display her new look and y’all, we’ve got to say, she looks bomb! TBH, we’d be perfectly happy if she retired her high ponytail once and for all. (We bet her poor scalp would agree with that, as well). 

Considering Ariana almost never shows off her natural hair, people flood the comments with words of love and praise. “OMG! Yes. Your natural hair is everything. Love you, queen,” one fan wrote. “Love it. Love it. Love it. New hair, new start. You’ve got this, sis!” added another. Even Ari’s longtime friend and fellow singer Demi Lovato commented “cutie.”

At the end of the day, we’re relieved to see Ari is living her best life… even if that means scaring the s–t out of her fans every now again. *Insert black heart emoji.*