Is that ‘I’m a new woman’ hair, or what?! Recently, globally renowned singer Ariana Grande went through a highly publicized break up with her ex-fiancé, Pete Davidson. Because this breakup was not simply just a breakup, but the breaking off of a full-on engagement, it must’ve hit Ari a little harder than the ones before. And if the new haircut she just debuted on Instagram is anything to go by, she’s ready to let go of any leftover baggage from the past, just like the hair she chopped off!

Ariana took to Instagram on Nov. 15 and posted a cute photo, complete with the dreamy bunny filter, to show off her new shoulder-length cut. “This filter took my eyebrows away but I promise they’re there,” Ari captioned the photo with a bit of her classic charm. The caption obviously skirts past the whole haircut thing, but we think Ari knew what she was doing. Ignore it… and they’ll notice anyway, because you’re Ariana Grande.

It would be one thing if Ari’s new ‘do didn’t serve her well, but this new Insta pic really has us loving the whole short-hair change up. Fan reactions were also overwhelmingly positive. “You are stunning!” One fan commented on the surprise pic. “YES QUEENNN,” another fan gave their approval to the new cut. “Omg your hair, wig is is gone x1342 time in this year,” a third fan hilariously chimed in, undoubtedly referring to all of Ariana’s musical successes this year.

We all know Ari’s long hair and ponytail are her signature and staple look, but we can’t really complain about this sweet new shorter cut. Maybe Ari is trying to finally bring her look out of the Honeymoon Avenue era and create a whole new thang for Sweetner and beyond. Or maybe she was just sick of extensions and took them out for good, a popular theory circling the interweb. Or maybe she just needed to do something drastic post break-up. Whatever the reason, we support it!