And just like that… my wig is gone! On Nov. 8, Ariana Grande took to The Zoe Report’s Instagram to share the most savage advice ever. After the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle account shared an article on how to find “the perfect engagement ring,” Ari decided to add her two cents.

“Don’t,” the singer wrote very matter-of-factly. Y’all hear that? It’s the sound of a mic dropping. Of course, Ariana’s loyal followers lost their collective mind shortly thereafter.

“I’m living for her total renouncement of the male population, TBH!” one user commented. “I liked her before… I straight-up love her now,” added another.

While the majority of people seemingly found Ari’s remark amusing, some argued that the 25-year-old is acting like a “hypocrite.” After all, no less than a month ago, Ariana was still engaged to her former fiancé, Pete Davidson. Beyond that, the pop star showed off her enormous ring every chance she got over the course of their five-month relationship. 

Ariana Grande spotted out in New York leaving studio

Additionally, others began to question why it’s OK for Ariana to make jokes at the expense of her failed engagement, but not for Pete — who is a comedian for a living — to do the same.

She snapped at Pete for making a similar joke two weeks ago, no?” one person commented. “Y’all stay blowing things up when it helps to make Ariana look like a victim, but when she gets caught being a hypocrite all of a sudden things ‘aren’t that deep.’ It wasn’t deep when Pete made a joke laughing at his own self,” added another. Yikes!

As much as we love how sassy and independent Ari has been lately, maybe she should cool it on engagement smack talk.

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