Savage mode! Fans are convinced Ariana Grande just put her former flame Pete Davidson on blast with her cryptic tweets on Nov. 1, shortly after the comedian mocked his short engagement with the songstress while appearing in the promo for the upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live.

“For somebody who claims to hate relevancy u sure love clinging to it huh,” the 25-year-old singer wrote via Twitter, before posting another message that read: “thank u, next.” Ariana even went a step further by reposting a fan’s response to the SNL promo. In case you missed it, Pete introduced himself to musical guest Maggie Rogers while standing alongside Jonah Hill, who will be hosting the Nov. 3 episode. “Hi Pete,” Maggie responds sweetly before Pete says, “you wanna get married?” Maggie answered “no,” while smiling and nodding her head. “Zero for three,” Pete quipped in response.

Fans were living for Ari’s tweets and posting their thoughts on the matter in the comment section. “Alexa skip Pete Davidson, and play better off,” one wrote, while another chimed in: “I didn’t expect girlie to start the night like this lmao! my wig!” A third added, “Thank god you found a new pig to fall in love with…piggy smallz wins!” The “God is a Woman” singer has endured her fair share of hardships over the last few months. Ariana’s ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller, died from an apparent drug overdose in September, which seemingly caused her whirlwind engagement to crumble.

To cope with her new life changes, Ariana has reportedly been “burying herself in work” and Pete has canceled several performances. On top of that, he even reportedly changed his number “to distance himself” from his ex-fiancée. “[Pete] decided to focus on himself. He’s had the matching tattoo that he got with her changed,” one source revealed to Us Weekly. “Currently, they are not speaking.”

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