As of Oct. 25, it’s been exactly 10 days since news broke that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson called off their engagement and headed their separate ways. Now you might think that since these two are A-listers that they’re exempt from proper breakup protocol, but they aren’t. First comes the shock, then denial, then sadness, and last but not least, throwing shade!

After all, nothing says “I’m over it” like bad mouthing an ex on the internet, right? As it turns out, it looks like Ariana has already reached that point. The “God is a Woman” singer took to her Instagram Stories earlier today to share a thoughtful message — and while we can’t be certain it was specific to any one person, it does seem pretty pointed at Pete. 

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 3.42.06 PM


“Be aware of the energy you allow in your space,” the post read. Hmmm, she couldn’t possibly be alluding to Pete’s energy in their once-shared apartment, could she? Well, as it happens, the pop star shared that message shortly after sharing several snapshots of what appears to be her NYC apartment. You know, the one she pays $60k a month for… while the SNL star only ever “stocked the fridge.”

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 3.41.33 PM

Unfortunately for the comedian, this isn’t the first time in the last few days that Ariana has dissed him. In fact, just yesterday Ariana said that her pet pig, Piggy Smallz, is the love of her life. “The absolute love of my life …………. I have no idea what I did …… to deserve her,” she replied to a fan asking about the little oinker’s well-being. Ouch!

It certainly can’t be easy for Pete to hear that the woman he was going to marry has replaced him with a farm animal. Hopefully, he’s taking the news in stride and keeping up with his hunt for a new roommate.