Going, going, gone! According to Radar Online, Ariana Grande has kicked her ex-fiancé, Pete Davidson, out of their shared apartment just days following the pair’s sudden split. She didn’t stop there, though! Taking things one step further, the 25-year-old also reportedly changed the locks. Ouch.

“Ariana has no plans to continue being friends with Pete,” a source revealed to the outlet, adding that although it was an “amicable breakup,” she was the one who called it off. “If [Pete] had his way, he would still be with her,” the source confirmed.

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However, before you start to feel too badly for the SNL star, you might want to recall one of his latest segments of “Weekend Update.” The 24-year-old dished about his relationship with Ari, citing that while she “pays 60 grande” in rent, all he has to do is “stock the fridge.” Mind you, Pete and Ari shacked up back in June. So, if the comedian was being serious about the rent, Ari has seemingly already forked over $240,000. Must be nice, huh? 

Prior to their split, the “God is a Woman” singer shared a bunch of photos and videos of the now-former flames getting cozy in their love nest. Er, a $16 million love nest, to be exact. Oh, and did we mention it’s a staggering 4,000 square feet? For those of you unfamiliar with NYC real estate, most people live in apartments the size of Harry Potter’s bedroom under his aunt’s stairs. Based on Ari’s social media, the view from her place appears to be pretty amazing, too! 


Needless to say, we think she’ll be just fine flying solo in her spectacular humble abode. Actually, to be fair, Ariana won’t be alone — she has Piggy Smallz to keep her company! As for Pete?  Well, here’s hoping that moving back to Staten Island to live with his mom is an option.