He’s getting a taste of his own medicine! Pete Davidson is not shy about using his split with Ariana Grande as material for jokes on Saturday Night Live, but it’s a little different when someone else pokes fun at his heartbreak. After Pete roasted congressman-elect Dan Crenshaw during the Weekend Update segment last week, Dan joined Pete on this week’s show to throw a little shade himself.

Dan had some words for Pete, and when he was done dragging Pete on his own show, Dan’s cell phone rang — and Pete’s ex-fiancée Ariana’s music filled the studio. Dan’s ringtone became the ultimate troll! We can’t say Pete didn’t look schooled — the shock and surprise on his face seemed pretty genuine. Talk about learning from your mistakes.


Ever since the rumors started swirling (May 31, to be exact), fans have been non-stop chatting, tweeting, and gramming about Pete and Ari’s whirlwind romance. Between their pet pig, their matching tattoos, and their unabashed PDA in public and on social media, they quickly became the couple that everyone in the world was watching. And before we knew it, they were engaged, too. It seemed like nothing could bring these two down, making them serious inspo for couples everywhere. But, by the time mid-October rolled around, Pete and Ariana had already landed in splitsville. Sad, but true.

Pete has always been quick with a salacious or questionable joke, but usually, he doesn’t get schooled about it on his own show. Still, we can’t say it isn’t great to see Pete get a little of his own type of humor served back to him with such great comedic timing. Plus, he clearly didn’t see it coming. Pete and Ari’s short-lived romance and engagement has been the punchline for many a joke recently, but we think, as a comedian himself, Pete just might live to tell the tale.