She was his first proposal! Earlier this week, Pete Davidson appeared in a promo clip for Saturday Night Live where he proposed to singer Maggie Rogers and when she turned him down, he joked that he was “0 for 3” — which left fans asking who was the other girl Pete proposed to besides his ex-fiancée Ariana Grande?

Now, sources revealed that Pete had proposed to his ex-girlfriend Cazzie David. Pete and Cazzie dated for two years and insiders revealed that Pete proposed to Cazzie multiple times while they were dating. It’s unclear exactly how many times Pete proposed to Cazzie, but sources said she turned him down every time.

Pete, 24, and Cazzie, 24, eventually split in May and Cazzie went on a social media hiatus after their breakup for two weeks. When she returned to social, Pete was already dating Ariana and Cazzie threw a tiny bit of shade in the caption of her first Instagram post. “Been in Africa, what’d I miss?” she wrote, seemingly hinting at all of the headlines that Pete and Ariana had been making.

pete davidson cazzie david

It’s also unclear if Ariana knew that Pete had also proposed to Cazzie but she made it very clear that she didn’t think Pete’s joke about their relationship was funny — and Ariana took to Twitter to seeming subtweet her ex. “For somebody who claims to hate relevancy u [sic] sure love clinging to it huh,” the 25-year-old wrote, and added, “Thank u [sic], next.”

Even though she didn’t directly mention Pete, sources revealed to People that Pete felt it was aimed at him but he’s not letting it get to him. “Pete’s unfazed. It’s true they’re not in agreement about things after the breakup,” the insider said. “A lot of people thought he was the wild card in the relationship, but that’s not true. Pete has and will always joke about his life, with or without her.”