This honestly isn’t a good look, Pete Davidson! The comedian appeared in the promo for the upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live on Nov. 1, and he mocked his short engagement to Ariana Grande by jokingly proposing to the musical guest, Maggie Rogers.

“Hey Maggie, I’m Pete” said the SNL star, leaning to look at the 24-year-old songstress behind Jonah HIll, who will be hosting the Nov. 3 episode. “Hi Pete,” Maggie responds pleasantly before Pete says, “you wanna get married?” “No,” she says, smiling and shaking her head. “0 for three,” says Pete, looking at the camera.

While Ari and Pete have stayed mum about why exactly they split, it’s clear that the breakup was painful for Ariana, especially since she’s also dealing with the recent death of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller. Many fans thought it was a little tacky that Pete was joking about it so soon after the breakup. “YIKES,” said one flabbergasted commenter. Another agreed, writing, “The fact that Pete would joke about that so soon seems a little tasteless.” A third said simply, “omfg cringe.”

Others were supportive. One fan wrote, “I’m glad he’s good and he can poke fun of himself as he likes,” while another agreed, “it’s the 🐘 in the room. Might as well get it over with.”

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However, some fans were confused by what Pete said about being “0 for three,” and wondered if perhaps he had proposed to someone before Ari. “3? Who was the 1st one?” said a fan. “0 for 3??? Who else??” asked another. Pete dated Larry David’s daughter Cazzie David for two years, but there was never any public announcements that they were engaged. Perhaps he just meant that he’s “0 for three” with relationship rejections. Either way, we have a feeling that that won’t be the only mention about Pete’s love life (or lack thereof) on Saturday night.