When the news broke that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson had called it quits, everyone pretty much lost their minds. The whirlwind romance had become a fast fave of fans of both halves of the celebrity couple, and just like the relationship and engagement came out of nowhere, so did the breakup. Everyone wanted to know what went wrong, and in her new “Thank U, Next” music video, Ari finally gave fans a glimpse into the end of the relationship. She even admits that she was the one who ultimately ended things.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, you should know first that the singer’s latest video is structured around four of her favorite movies: Mean Girls, Bring It On, 13 Going On 30, and Legally Blonde. The song opens on the Mean Girls segment, showing Ari as Regina George flipping through her own version of a burn book. But other than nailing the look, she’s not exactly the perfect vision of the b—hy popular girl the Lindsay Lohan movie introduced us to. Instead, when she’s flipping through the pages that feature her exes, she actually features an apology to Pete.

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For just a second, the camera focuses on his page — and you can see that she’s written some messages to her ex. “I love u always,” she wrote on the side of the page next to his picture. And up at the top, she added, “Sry I dipped.” Okay, it’s not exactly the most heartfelt apology, but what else can you expect from Regina? It’s still pretty sweet considering the way she dragged him on Twitter after he had fun at her expense in an SNL promo.

What we can’t help but find almost as interesting, though, is the word “HUUUUUGE” written across the bottom of the page. On its own, it probably wouldn’t mean much — but we can’t help thinking that it’s related to an interlude later on in the music video during the Legally Blonde segment. While talking with actress Jennifer Coolidge in character as Paulette, she references an ex and says, “He was really cute… And it was really big.” Paulette, of course, reveals that they were actually talking about dating guys who have a big “front tooth,” but we all know what she really meant, right? Pete must be pretty flattered by that.

After all, it seems exes are finally back on good terms following their awful breakup. Though Ariana admitted she felt like her heart was black following the split and that she actually had plenty of tears left to cry, the stars may have actually gotten matching coverups for their matching tattoos, and Pete was serious and respectful when he finally addressed their breakup on SNL. We’re just crossing our fingers that they’re both able to move forward in a healthy way, though it seems like Ari’s got a pretty good head start on that already. Maybe one day they’ll be friends, but either way, it’s clear the relationship still taught them both some pretty important lessons about theirselves.