Every couple has its quirks, and just because Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are famous doesn’t mean they’re any different. When it’s just the two of them, Liam, 29, can be just as charmingly annoying as any other guy, and his favorite pastime is scaring his 26-year-old wifey when she least expects it. Watch the video above to see every time he’s pranked his boo, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel

At one point Liam scared Miley so bad that she actually lowkey injured herself. “Ah! My f–king neck!” she yelled before starting to giggle. Overall, poor Miley is a pretty good sport about the whole thing. While she usually freaks out at first, she always ends up with a smile on her face. But hey, it’s only a matter of time until Liam startles her at the wrong time and gets a punch in the nose, and we will have no sympathy when that happens.

One thing we do have sympathy for? Liam’s recent hospitalization. The actor was forced to skip the Grammys on February 10, where Miley performed twice over the course of the night, and three days later Miley attended the Isn’t It Romantic premiere on his behalf.


“My man’s not well,” she told Us Weekly. “I’m representing for him.” While she didn’t open up too much about what’s ailing Liam, it definitely sounds painful. “He’s down. He’s not feeling well right now,” she told Variety. “He just had some health things, and I think that’s most important [because] entertainers, we have a really hard time taking care of ourselves.”

It seemed like Liam was in better spirits on February 15, because he posted his most recent video scaring Miley with the caption, “Came across this little gem. 😂 I’ll never stop 😉 ❤️❤️.” For her part, Miley commented on the video writing, “I hate/love you.”