What is Dry January?

With the end of 2019 right around the corner, it’s likely that you’re starting to hear constant New Year’s resolutions chatter. “I’m going to eat more vegetables,” says a coworker. “I’m going to cut down on coffee,” adds another. 

While resolutions can no doubt be helpful and even life-changing, the idea of committing to something for 365 days can be really overwhelming. Enter: Dry January. Unlike other resolutions, the month-long no alcohol challenge is just that … a month long! Ultimately, sticking to something for 30, ahem 31 days, is a lot more palatable than 12 months. Plus, the results are beyond worthwhile. 

For starters, you’ll save a ton of money! Think about how much cash you drop during a single night out with friends. Now, multiply that by four weekends and voila! You’ve just wasted your hard-earned dollars on watered-down cocktails and a hangover. To be fair, it’s entirely possible to “go out” without drinking. However, abstaining from alcohol for a month will surely work wonders for your bank account. 

Speaking of working wonders, Dry January is incredibly beneficial to your health. Cutting out booze can lead to better sleep, better skin and better eating habits! Additionally, beer, wine and spirits are really just empty calories. Even if you’re a “vodka soda” kind of person, it’s still not exactly contributing to your nourishment.

If the potential money savings and health benefits aren’t enough to sway you, perhaps the increased mental acuity and health will! Because alcohol is classified as a depressant, it’s common for drinkers to feel anxious or sad the next day and unfortunately, no amount of Gatorade in the world is going to change that. 

So, have we convinced you to give Dry January a try? We know, we know, what are you supposed to do on the weekend if you’re not partying? Well, as mentioned, there’s nothing stopping you from hitting the town — you’ll just have to replace your cocktails with mocktails. Thankfully, most popular establishments have a wide variety of alcohol-free options. 

Good luck!