Less is more when it comes to Hailey Baldwin‘s beauty routine. The model revealed a few tricks of the trade that she’s learned along the way and she surprisingly sticks to an extremely simple list of products.

Obviously, the 22-year-old is a natural beauty and she intends on keeping her look simple and low stress. “I enjoy having a bare-looking face rather than a full, done up look,” she told Marie Claire this month. She noted, “I know everybody’s different and some people enjoy a full face of makeup, but I’m just so impatient and I don’t like spending a lot of time on myself every day.”

Hailey Baldwin beauty secrets
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She revealed that there are five key products to achieve her preferred makeup look, which she describes as “a little flushed and dewy.” The model swears by BareMinerals’s foundation stick, brow gel, mascara, blush and highlighter. The new Mrs. Bieber taps the foundation stick with her finger and blends it where needed. She applies the other four products with an equally light hand.

hailey baldwin makeup hacks
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Of course, Hailey uses a few items that a ~regular~ person probably wouldn’t (a.k.a moisturizer specially formulated by Dr. Barbara Sturm with her own blood in it) but she keeps it relatively simple.

Besides her “blood cream,” she sticks to a “good hyaluronic-acid serum” and SPF to protect her skin from the sun. She also added, “I try to avoid formulas with fragrance so I don’t break out, especially after being on set all day where I don’t know exactly what’s going on my skin.”

However, it doesn’t matter what you’re slathering on your skin if you don’t take care of your body. Hailey swears by regular exercise as part of her natural glow. “The biggest thing that makes a difference in my looks — and my energy level — is exercising consistently,” she divulged.

The blonde beauty says she’s “obsessed” with hot Pilates and loves to box — both work up a good sweat which is key for the young model. Hailey explained, “I don’t break a sweat very easily, so when I do, I feel like I’m really getting things done.”

Go, girl!

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