They may not be engaged — yet — but Bachelor winner Cassie Randolph is definitely committed to Colton Underwood. So much so, that on March 27 the 23-year-old revealed to her followers that she was moving to Los Angeles to be “closer” to her 27-year-old reality star beau!

When we met the blonde beauty on The Bachelor, she was living with her parents in Huntington Beach. But don’t worry, she’ll still have her room there and will still be living with family! “Today marks a new chapter for me and [Michelle Randolph]!” Cassie wrote. “I’m not abandoning my beach home, (since I’ll be interning for grad school in HB) but adding a city home to the mix 🌻.”

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Of course, there’s another major perk, too. “And bonus, I’m now closer to Colton 💛 so yay!” she wrote. “OH and in the same building as Caelynn [Miller-Keyes]! Any other s23 girls wanna join?😉” Obviously Caelynn is super pumped, and quickly rushed to the comments to say, “YESS can’t wait!”

Despite all of the excitement, it sounds like Cassie is a wee bit melancholy about the situation. While packing for the move the night before, she posted an Instagram Story of her brother Landon laughing at a video while sitting in bed with the caption, “moving tomorrow … going to miss this right down the hall from me :(” She also tagged her mom and dad.


But hey, Colton definitely seems excited! it looks like he might have been helping Cassie with the move, because on March 27 he posted a photo in bed with his girlfriend, looking like they both just woke up. Huntington Beach is only about 90 minutes from Los Angeles, but living closer definitely makes it easier to grab dinner or go to the gym together. We hope this move helps make their adorable relationship even stronger!