Is anyone else still cringing from Colton Underwood‘s talk with Cassie Randolph‘s dad? The 27-year-old Bachelor was clearly frustrated leaving his frontrunner’s hometown, because her father Matt Randolph obviously did not want him to propose to his 23-year-old daughter, and even refused to give him his blessing! Now, a source close to Cassie told Life & Style why the patriarch was so hesitant to support her new relationship.

“Cassie’s father Matt doesn’t hate Colton,” the insider explained. “He just doesn’t think it’s realistic to get engaged to someone after knowing them less than two months, and he isn’t going to pretend he is all for it! Matt takes his daughter’s personal life seriously and doesn’t think it’s okay to get engaged after only dating someone for that short amount of time. He sees it as a red flag.” Yikes.


It’s not just Cassie’s father who has concerns about a potential engagement, either. “Her family was pretty against giving Colton their blessing, especially when it was known that he was dating multiple girls and still had three other girls left,” said the friend. While the family had every intention to go into hometowns open-minded, seeing Colton with their daughter and accepting the reality of them dating seemed to freak them out. “They wanted to … take advantage of that little amount of time they had with Cassie to warn her about the Bachelor process and how an engagement is expected in the end.”

The tight-knit family just couldn’t get past the fact that Colton still had other relationships. “Because Colton told other women he was falling in love with them, it minimizes belief that what he was expressing was real to one girl in particular,” said the source. “The whole concept, according to Cassie’s family, is ridiculous in real life.”

As a matter of fact, Cassie’s father was so worried she might make the wrong choice that he goes all the way to Portugal to talk about it more, a teaser for the February 4 episode revealed. We’ll just have to wait and see how his surprise visit affects Cassie’s decisions, but if you can’t wait for the finale, you can check out the spoilers, here!