It really seems like Cassie Randolph is the one to beat on The Bachelor this season. Even the other girls have noticed, constantly throwing the 23-year-old under the bus to Colton Underwood and questioning how sincere her feelings are. Some even accused her of vying for the Bachelorette role! Still, the 27-year-old former NFL player seems to be very interested in her, and despite all of their talks and makeout sessions, their most intimate moment was their cuddlefest in his hotel room. Could they be the real deal? Life & Style spoke exclusively with body language expert Traci Brown to see what their intimacy really means.

“When she says that she feels like she’s known him for so long, she covers her mouth, which is a sign of holding back emotions and truth.” said Traci after watching their post-date snuggle. And Cassie isn’t the only one the expert is wary of!

Cassie Colton The Bachelor week 5

“The most interesting part is when they’re saying how comfortable they are with each other,” the author continued. “As he says it, he looks away and his eyes are closed. This is something that’s typical when you’re putting words to emotions that you’re constructing (making up). So is it true? I’m having some reservations.”

Still, Traci believes there might be a genuine spark between them. “In the end she’s quite smitten. When he says that his heart is telling him to go all in, we see him shake his head no, which could mean a couple of things. He could be lying about it, or he could be in a state of disbelief because he seems pretty happy. So there’s for sure some hot spots here that we need to pay attention to.  Words don’t tell the whole story.”

Cassie’s intentions have been the subject of drama in several episodes this season, but it seems like Colton has decided to believe her after sending Kirpa Sudick home despite her claims that Cassie was “not ready” for marriage. but will the issue come up again? You can see all of the spoilers for Cassie here!