Our hearts pretty much broke this week when Colton Underwood sent Demi Burnett home on The Bachelor. But for some Bachelor Nation fans, it was actually a dream come true, because that meant the 23-year-old is single — and free to hook up with The Bachelorette‘s Jordan Kimball. There’s just one problem with that potential Bachelor in Paradise couple, though: Jordan’s not feeling it. In a conversation with Life & Style at Baskin-Robbins’ Valentine’s Day event, he revealed he’s not shipping it, even a little bit.

“I must’ve read over 50 comments today of people tagging me on either my page or her page,” he said. “They’re terming it Jemi. And Jemi to me sounds like a really bad denim skirt project. … Nah, I don’t think so. I’m not that interested in that. It’s like, I don’t know. It’s just weird.” He did think that the reality star seems fun — but there was one other deal breaker for him. “Her laugh? If we’re watching a movie and it’s a comedy and you laugh like that the entire movie, sorry, but, like, the earplugs are going in.”

It sounds like he’s not totally opposed to meeting her, though. “I don’t think she’s probably as crazy, but like, she’s definitely fun I’m sure outside of the show. The crazy people, the villains, are always fun people. I don’t think she’s probably like malicious or anything, but she probably gets crazy on the weekends for sure. You probably see her popped out the top of someone’s sunroof on the freeway.”

So maybe they could have a little fun in Paradise — just not romantically. And anyway, after finding love and losing it last year, the star doesn’t want to return as just another contestant. “If you guys think that I’m not gonna be on Paradise, you’re probably out of your mind,” he said. “I kind of have to go back and get that closure. … [But] I will say this, if I have any say in it, I would like to be the bartender. … So I would say really funny things about whoever. And I would be a counselor. So my goal would be to have all the girls lined up at the bar drinking with me and have all the guys playing hackey-sack. My goal would be to take the girls away from the guys and there’s no drama with that.”

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