It’s only right to have a villain on every season of The Bachelor and it looks like we’ve found our girl for the upcoming season! On Dec. 6, Chris Harrison announced the ladies who will try to win Colton Underwood’s heart in January, and it looks like we’re in for a lot of drama, so get ready. SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading if you don’t want to know anything about the upcoming season.

Catherine Agro looks like she is not on this show to make friends. As Chris described each contestant, he made sure to acknowledge that Catherine is going to stir up some trouble, naturally. There were even devil horns photoshopped on her background photo — yikes! “There is Catherine. If you’re looking for a villain — I am not saying Catherine is it — I just was bringing up the point, that if you’re looking for a villain, to keep your eyes out. Again, I am not putting that title on her. You be the judge,” Chris revealed.

“Let’s just say she brings a plus one on night one and isn’t afraid to speak her mind and get time with Colton. You know how people famously say, ‘Can I borrow you for a moment?’ ‘Can I break-in?’ ‘Can I cut in?’ Well, I think Catherine may have set a record on break-ins on night one in trying to steal Colton,” Chris said. “I don’t know if there are any stats kept on The Bachelor, [but] I am sure someone out there in Bachelor Nation keeps these stats. But keep track of it, I think Catherine may set a record.”

In the trailer, the blonde beauty said, “I am here to get to know Colton. He’s my priority. Unfortunately, it’s going to upset some of the other women.” Well, ain’t that the truth!

ABC/Rick Rowell

The 26-year-old lists her occupation as a DJ on the show, but it looks like she also dabbles in real estate in Fort Lauderdale, FL, via her LinkedIn page. And who exactly is her plus one that Chris was talking about? Well, she brings her furry friend, Lucy — who is a 10-year-old Pomeranian dog — along for the ride. Colton LOVES dogs and even has a fan page dedicated to his obsession with pooches, so this could definitely be the trick to win over the former football player.

Catherine has a similar vibe to Krystal Nielson, who was deemed the “villain” on Arie Ludyendyk Jr.’s season of The Bachelor and she, too, is obsessed with her dog. Well, at least Krystal was able to rehabilitate her image on Bachelor In Paradise, so here’s to hoping the same thing could happen for Catherine.

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