We are SO here for this! Saturday Night Live announced on Sept. 21 that they will be adding another talented woman of color to the cast for Season 44. Ego Nwodim is this season’s newest featured player, hired to replace last season newcomer Luke Null after it was revealed that he would not be returning. So, who is the beautiful comedian that will be gracing our small screens on SNL? Here’s what we know. 

Ego is 30 years old. She celebrated the milestone back in March, with a killer birthday party. On March 12 she shared a slideshow of pics with the caption, “I turned 30. I got grown and sweat out my press in loving memory of my 20s. ? to everyone who turned with me. #wegonsee #didanoutfitchange #imgettingmoreratchetwithage.” We wonder if she knew then just how big this year would be for her! 

Though Ego is now on probably the biggest comedy platform in the world, she was relatively unknown prior to the announcement. As of this month, she was still performing with Upright Citizen’s Brigade in Los Angeles with her Harold comedy troup. She has her own one-woman show called Great Black Women… and Then There’s Me, and has acted in 2017’s Singularity and web series Galactic War Room. She has only 3,500 followers on Instagram, but something tells us that’s about to go way up.

Every SNL performer has a bunch of amazing characters and impressions they do. While there’s no telling who she will portray on the show, she does have an amazing repertoir of characters that she’s been working on for some time that are part of her one-woman show. “Great Black Women…and Then There’s Me goes up again TOMORROW at 8 pm at UCB Franklin,” she wrote on Insta on March 24. “Come see dis freak pretend to be a bunch of great black women. #oprah #gayle #stedman.” We hope she does Oprah on SNL

While featured player Luke left, Mikey Day, Melissa Villaseñor, and Alex Moffat have been upgraded to full cast members. New faces from last season, Chris Redd and Heidi Gardner, are returning as featured players, and we’re sure they’ll be a great resource for Ego as she learns the ropes. 

Ego’s first appearance on the show will come during the premiere on Sept. 29. The episode will be hosted by Girls and Star Wars star Adam Driver, and the musical guest will be none other than Kanye West, so it’s sure to be a good one!