He’s home, and he’s a great godfather! Harry Styles brought fans into his new musical era on Thursday, March 31, with the release of the first single, “As It Was,” from his forthcoming album, Harry’s House. However, the song doesn’t open with the singer’s voice. Instead, it’s the voice of Ruby Winston.

“That’s the voice of my goddaughter. She used to try and call me before bedtime every night, so one time — I don’t know — it didn’t ring or something and she sent me that,” Harry, 28, explained during an appearance on U.K.’s Capital FM radio station following the song’s release. “I, kind of, dug it out at some point when we were in the studio and put it in front of the song for some reason. I, kind of, fell in love with it and it just stuck.”

The actor joked that the 5-year-old was “asking for a big fee” after being featured on the track.

During a separate interview with U.K.’s Heart radio station, the Fine Line singer further discussed the cameo noting, Ruby was “quite angry” when he missed her call. “She had a streak of calling me every night before bed, and I missed it once,” he shared. “She’ll like it one day as well, maybe.”

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Ruby is the daughter of The Late Late Show producer Ben Winston and his wife, Meredith Winston, with whom Harry is rather close. During his One Direction days, Ben became a mentor to Harry, and the “Sign of the Times” crooner actually lived with the producer in his wife for a while.

During an interview with Rolling Stone in April 2017, Ben explained that Meredith “agreed” to let Harry stay in their home, “but only for two weeks.” He added, “Two weeks later and he hadn’t bought his house yet. It wasn’t going through. Then he said, ‘I’m going to stay until Christmas, if you don’t mind.’ Then Christmas came.”

After 20 months with the couple, Harry moved out. The story became the basis of the short-lived comedy series Happy Together, which Ben and Harry both executive produced.

“Those 20 months were when they went from being on a reality show, X Factor, to being the biggest-selling artists in the world,” Ben told the magazine. “That period of time, he was living with us in the most mundane suburban situation. No one ever found out, really. Even when we went out for a meal, it’s such a sweet family neighborhood, no one dreamed it was actually him. But he made our house a home. And when he moved out, we were gutted.”