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Kendall Jenner Reunites With Ben Simmons, Who’s Reportedly Still ‘Crazy’ About Her

We were on a break. Luckily, baller Ben Simmons doesn’t share Ross Gellar’s trademark stubbornness, because after a two-month hiatus, he has been spotted out again with ex Kendall Jenner. The model recently made a trip to Philadelphia to cheer on the 76ers forward during a home game on Nov. 1, and now fans think there might be a reconciliation brewing.

Fans aren’t quite sure what to make of the reunion. After a three-month fling this summer, the pair seemingly called it quits. Ben isn’t giving up that easily, according to Hollywood Life. A source close to the basketball player said, “Ben never stopped thinking about Kendall, he couldn’t get her out of his head no matter how hard he tried. Ben was really angry and hurt when he saw the photos of Kendall and Anwar, and at first, he didn’t even want to talk to her. But he’s really missed her, so he called her and asked her if she wanted to come to the game.”

Even after photos surfaced in June of Anwar Hadid and Kendall openly making out at an NYC club, Ben and Kendall continued to see each other until September. Now, their relationship status remains a mystery to everyone… including Ben. The source continued, “Ben was super psyched when she said yes, and it was like they’d never been apart. They had an amazing night together. Ben is crazy about Kendall, but she doesn’t want to settle down with just one guy right now, and she’s made that clear. So he really doesn’t know where he stands with her.”

For now, it seems that Kendall is a free agent. “Kendall has told Ben she would love to see him again, but she’s also told him that she doesn’t want to date him exclusively, which is kind of messing with his head because he’s really into her,” said the source. “Ben doesn’t know what to do, he really wants to carry on seeing Kendall. But he doesn’t know if he can deal with her seeing other people at the same time. It’s a pretty difficult situation for him.”

I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of these two. Stay tuned for more adventures from Kenny’s love life.

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