Just admit it, y’all! On Aug. 13, news broke that Kendall Jenner and her suspected new boo, Ben Simmons, were spotted ~getting cozy~ in Mexico alongside Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson. No big deal, right? We mean, duh… couples go on vacation together all the time. 

Here’s the problem, though: Kendall and Ben refuse to acknowledge their apparent relationship — even after both the NBA baller and model shared pictures on Aug. 14 from what appears to be the same location. Let’s dive into the sexy evidence, shall we? 


Despite not tagging a location or photographer, we think Ben is behind the lens and fortunately, fans are on our side. “Did your boyfriend Ben take these?” one user asked. “Gorgeous queen! Ben is so lucky he got to see this in person,” added another. Our favorite, however, was: “Y’all ain’t slick. You and Ben ain’t foolin’ nobody.” We couldn’t agree more, TBH. 

Still not convinced? Let’s go ahead and take a look at Ben’s Instagram then. While the 22-year-old didn’t upload any snapshots from the beach, he did capture a little tennis court action that held two major clues: the sky and palm trees! 

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OK, sure, most tropical locations have palm trees and gorgeous skies, but this is just too much of a coincidence. Give it up, guys, the jig is up. Naturally, fans were also quick to troll Ben’s pic. “Kendall got you out here playing tennis now? WTF!” commented one fan. “Who took this pic, bro? Your Kardashian GF?” added another. 

Seeing as Kendall has been linked to Ben since roughly July of this year, we’re thinking it’s time to just rip the relationship band-aid off. After all, they make one gorgeous couple! Who knows? Maybe Kendall can finally join the KarJenner mommy club! Too much, too soon? Yeah, maybe.