Lizzo is feeling good as Hell about her love life! The singer revealed on April 18 that she’s still seeing the mystery man who was first revealed to fans on Valentine’s Day.

The songstress stopped by SiriusXM’s “Andy Cohen Live” where the host grilled Lizzo about the man she was seen dining with at a Los Angeles hotspot. “You were photographed in L.A. in February at Craig’s with a mystery man. Are you guys still together?” Andy asked, as Lizzo let out a huge laugh and confessed, “Yeah, whatever, yeah.” At the time, her date’s identity was impossible to determine as he was wearing a mask.

Andy was still deeply curious about her mystery man’s identity and took a different approach in trying to get details about the romance. “You’re Lizzo, huge superstar, and this person is – whoever that person is – is that hard in the relationship?” he asked.

The singer, whose real name is Melissa Viviane Jefferson, danced around the topic, answering, “If you have the right person then no. Not at all, it’s not even a factor.”

Lizzo added that when it comes to dating her, “It should be mutually supportive no matter what that person does,” as she evaded the subject of her mystery man’s career and what he does for a living.

The singer then revealed that her guy is supportive of her career by sharing that he was in attendance as she performed double duty as host and musical guest on April 16’s Saturday Night Live.

One thing was clear, and that was Lizzo feels her infectious personal happiness will make others feel warm and blessed. After Andy gushed how happy he was for the singer and told her, “That’s the thing about you. I just feel like you have so many people rooting for you,” she responded back, “If I’m shining, everybody gonna shine,” a line from her hit song “Juice.”

The “Truth Hurts” singer seemed to debut a brief look at her boyfriend in a March 7 Instagram post. She was seen kneeling on a beach chair as she leaned over several times with her lips puckered up, while the side of a man’s long braids could be seen. Eventually the two went in for a smooch, but it was too quick to get a good look at the lucky guy’s face. Lizzo simply captioned the video, “Happyyyyyyyyyyyy.”