The body painting reality competition show Skin Wars combines everything we love: creativity, artistry, and a medium that’s mostly foreign to us all. Painting — on the body?!

Fans of the Game Show Network‘s most popular series have become completely obsessed with watching body artists get more and more creative with each new season. What will come next? Though viewers never know what to expect from the artistic contestants, one thing’s for sure: It’ll always be something that makes your jaw drop.

Rebecca Romjin hosts the show, which has sparked a spinoff series, and has reportedly drawn in over 11.3 million viewers. While it’s yet to be confirmed whether or not Skin Wars will see a Season 4, fans of the show are waiting in anticipation for an announcement. Until we get one, check out our recap below of who won Seasons 1-3.

Who won Season 1 of Skin Wars?

Natalie Fletcher was the first-ever contestant to win Skin Wars. Natalie, a 32-year-old Oregon native who says she discovered the art of painting at 15, took home the big prize of $100,000 in Season 1 after her art, which focused on realism and nature landscapes, won over the judges.

In her post-Skin Wars days, Natalie traveled across the country in what she describes as a “road trip body art project” called 100 Bodies Across America. She is now working on turning the documentary into a book, which will feature over 100 paintings of both people and places from her travels.

Who won Season 2 of Skin Wars?

Lana Chronium won Season 2 of the body painting reality competition show. In addition to the $100k cash prize, Lana won an all-expense paid trip for two to the World Body Painting Festival in Austria, as well as custom, monogrammed brushes.

Since winning the competition, Russia-born Lana has uploaded body painting videos to YouTube and has continued traveling to music festivals like Burning Man to create art on festival-goers’ bodies.

Who won Season 3 of Skin Wars?

Season 3 saw the success of winner Rick Uribe, who moved judge RuPaul to tears with one of his body murals. Uribe, who hails from El Pasoa, Texas, owns Enklination Tattoos and showcases his body artwork and tattoos on both Facebook and Instagram.

skin wars season 3

“That was pretty intense,” Uribe recalled of the win. “I didn’t know what to say or how to react. It means a lot to me to use art as a form of expression and letting my art speak for itself and to tell my story and what I’ve been through.”