It’s not uncommon to go on a reality TV show on the hunt for love (or, let’s be real, fame). But when it comes to making and maintaining long-lasting friendships, maybe it’s not the best move. There have been plenty of iconic reality TV besties over the years, but sometimes things take a turn for the worst and fans witness an epic breakdown between the buds.

Watch the video below to see some of the hardest splits in the genre.

Of course, there’s plenty of ways for a duo to break up and breakdown before our very eyes. It could be an epic story arc that drives the second half of a series’ drama (we’re looking at you, Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag). It could be a quiet, mysterious dissolution that we’ve all almost forgotten about. By contrast, it could be a friendship that always seemed forced to begin with, but time puts the truth to light.

Or it could be two legit icons who have simply gone separate ways and maybe, just maybe, could one day join forces again. Could Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie give up all the DJing and acting (respectively) to flip a few burgers together once more? God, we hope so, because the world definitely needs more Simple Life gifs.

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Whether it was on or off screen drama that shook these reality TV pairs, we’re still not 100% over it, and curse the heavens every day that we can’t just travel back to the soothing days of 2003. Oh well.

Check out the video above and try not to get your mascara running at the memories of these former friends turned enemies.