Fans of Long Island Medium knew that Theresa Caputo and her husband of 28 years Larry Caputo were going through a rough patch and that the couple is currently separated. But many didn't expect to learn that the now-separated couple is living on completely different coasts. The TLC reality TV star recently opened up about her estrangement form her husband.

"Right now, Larry is living in LA and I’m here in New York," the 51-year-old psychic told Extra. "We're just taking it day by day."

News that Larry had moved to the west coast was a shock to fans of the television series, and Theresa admitted that it was difficult to get used to Larry not being around to take care of things in their home. "I mean, my dad is always over here checking up and helping out," Theresa said in sneak peek for this week's episode obtained by E! News. "But with Larry being in California, [my dad's] here all the time."

When Theresa's father asked her how she was holding up, she responded, "I'm good. There's a lot of things that I didnt realize that now I have to do, that I guess I took for granted that Larry might've done."

She continued, "Like simple things, taking out the garbage. You're always taking out my garbage because I can't remember," she told him. "With [Larry] in California, it's just hard."

Theresa has remained pretty vague about her marital issues, and even though there have been no signs of infidelity between the couple, fans think Larry may have cheated on Theresa. In fact, Theresa's stated that they still have feelings for each other — not to mention that they have a family together. "I think it would be easier if Larry and I didn't care about each other," she revealed. "But it's hard when you love someone, when you really don't want to let go."

After her dad promised her that he'd be there to help out, Theresa added, "I mean look, I know we really don't talk about it a lot because, you know, it's hard. But Larry and I are in a good place with each other."

We're glad to hear that things are at least amicable between Theresa and Larry. Even if they don't rekindle their over-30-year romance, perhaps they can still learn to be civil with each other — after all, they share two kids together.