If you’ve been on Instagram or Facebook in the past year, chances are you’ve stumbled upon one of the adorable (and wildly popular) videos from the Stauffer family starring their adorable 3-year-old twin girls Mila and Emma. The videos show the sassy girls complaining about things like shopping, going to the gym, or Valentine’s Day, but they are actually skits written, directed, and edited by their 15-year-old sister Kaitlin. The sketches are so popular that they’ve been applauded and shared by stars like Kris Jenner, 50 Cent, Debra Messing, and many more. Kaitlin and mom Katie told Life & Style exclusively why they think people are so obsessed.

LS: How did you get started creating and posting videos?

Katie: I always had a larger Instagram account where I posted pictures of my kids, but Kaitlin has always done videos of the boys when they were younger, so when the girls were old enough, she started recording the things they said. One day she edited one and brought it to me and asked me to post it and I was like ‘eh… okay’ and that was really it… people liked it!

Kaitlin: I’ve been using iMovie ever since I was little, just making fun movie trailers and stuff with my brothers.

LS: How long does it take you to edit a video, and how do you come up with ideas for the skits?

Kaitlin: Not that long, it takes a lot longer to write the script and film it. A lot of it is, you’ll see people talking on the internet about things that bother them that people can relate to, and I’ll talk to my mom or dad because they’re funny, or think of a bunch of one-liners and tell [Mila] to say them, and sometimes she’ll add her own things. I want to make it sound like it’s from a three-year-old’s point of view.

LS: Do you and your siblings ever butt heads while working on a sketch?

Kaitlin: Yeah, sometimes [Mila] won’t feel like doing it, so it’ll take three days to film a video because she’ll be like “okay I’m done, this is boring.” And sometimes she wants to do it her way, and it’ll end up being funnier!”

LS: Mom, do you have veto power over videos?

Katie: Yeah, Kaitlin will come read a script to us and sometimes we’ll be like ‘eh you probably shouldn’t use that word or that reference’. She never puts anything bad, but you need to be so careful.

LS: You guys are spending the summer in Los Angeles. How are you liking it?

Katie: Arizona is fun and we like it but it’s just a little bit slower, and in LA there’s always something to do. 

Kaitlin: The house is so cool! 

Katie: Yeah the house is nice, and there’s just so much more. I like shopping and so does Kaitlin, there’s more stores, it just offers more things than Phoenix.

LS: You guys have some pretty famous fans. Do any of the celebs that have supported you really stand out? 

Kaitlin: Kris Jenner! and 50 Cent! 

Katie: Yeah, 50 Cent. We saw him at a pool and Mila took a picture with him and she asked him to come watch her swim. Kris Jenner has reposted, a lot of celebrities have reposted.

LS: Why do you think people have such a strong reaction to your videos? 

Katie: Just because everything is so serious right now. People come up and tell us everything is so serious and it’s just a way to escape and laugh about a little three-year-old or any of the kids talking about funny stuff and making fun of everyday life.

LS: Has anything surprised you about the success of the videos?

Katie: There’s two things, a good thing and a bad thing. The coolest thing is how much they’ve helped people. I get emails all the time like, ‘literally I can’t wait for a new video because it’s getting me through my depression’, or people say they bring it up to their therapists how it’s helping. One person even said, ‘I was going on Facebook to write my goodbye because I was going to commit suicide and somehow I stumbled upon Mila’s video and I didn’t.’ But on the other end, I get a lot of hate, some of it’s just crazy. We’re just doing this for fun and everyone’s had fun and that’s that.

LS: So Kaitlin, you’ve recently been branching into music. How’s that going?

Kaitlin: I’ve always written songs and played guitar, but since I have this platform now I’ve been building up my confidence to post my music, and I have more I’m debating whether to post because there’s a lot of people that will see it.

LS: Do you want to focus on music in the future?

Kaitlin: Performing and singing would be cool, and then it would be really fun to act and direct, but I think I’m just going to finish high school and college and see if I like anything or have any more interest there.

LS: What do you think your siblings will be when they grow up?

Kaitlin: Mila has always loved acting and just talking and she always tells me she wants to be an actress and then Emma loves to draw and she loves ballet and dancing so maybe she’ll be an artist or dancer or singer. Charles wants to do sports and stuff and Finn wants to write comics and be an author.

Keep up with the Stauffer family on their YouTube channel, where they have a lot of exciting new projects coming soon!