You know what they say, y’all: The best way to get over someone is to get… in a bikini and go on Instagram. Fortunately for us, that’s exactly what Selena Gomez did. The 26-year-old took to social media on Aug. 15 to show off her killer curves and we’re not going to lie, she looked stunning! So much so, that her former flame, Justin Bieber, is sure to take notice. 

The “Back To You” singer shared a series of snapshots from what appeared to be a boating trip with her gal pals and she seemed happy and healthier than we’ve seen her in a long time. TBH, we’re totally rooting for her. Sure, we’re happy for Justin and his newly-minted fiancé, Hailey Baldwin, but come on, #TeamSelenaForever. Check out the video above to see the photos Selena posted.

Naturally, fans went hard in the comment section hyping Selena up. “I don’t have words for these photos! You don’t post often but when you do… IT. IS. PERFECTION,” wrote one user. “Obsessed with the new bangs. You look so happy and beautiful, girl!” added another. In addition to her sexy post, Selena added a little bonus on Instagram stories, too!

It’s such a relief to see the pop star doing well. Last we heard from her, she admitted that she thought she was “going to be single for the rest of her life” but girl, please, with looks like that? You’ll be fine. Let’s also not forget that Selena has had a killer year career-wise. 

She’s dropped a ton of new tunes, Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why was a huge success (thanks in part to her serious Executive Producer skills), and she landed a new ad campaign with Puma. Let this be a lesson to you, ladies: Even if your ex moves on with a world-class supermodel, you can still thrive with the best of ’em.