Our smartphones are our lives! And we think you feel the same. We worship our little hand computers so much so that we’ve made it our job (literally!) to give you the best celebrity content that’s easy to read and receive with a swipe and a tap of your screen. So, in celebration of us and you, we’re giving one winner the chance to take home the HUAWEI Mate 10 Pro Smartphone worth $800! Pronounced WAH-WAY (like WALL-E but not really!), the newest smartphone on the market that’s not an Android or iPhone has an inspiring, and in our opinion, pretty wonderful ambassador to trumpet its next-level features, Gal Gadot.

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And just like Gal, this smartphone is just as striking as it is strong. It’s so strong that it can last a full day without a charge and its 3D glass bod will give anyone whiplash. It comes with lightening-fast gigabit LTE speed so you’ll never have to pause or throw your phone across the room in frustration again, busting yet another designer phone case in the process.

Plus, the camera is magnificent! Its Leica Dual Camera delivers exceptional image quality with minimum effort, so people will keep asking you which filter you’re using. Oh, and what we love most is the fact that it comes with a preinstalled Microsoft Translator that can translate up to 50 languages. So you can be all fabulous when you’re traveling abroad and don’t want to use the English menu. De rein. That’s French for you’re just going to have to enter for a chance to win this smartphone every day until the July 17 deadline to find out.

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