Kanye West Wants Another Baby With Kim Kardashian "Immediately" After Wedding

Kim kardashian kanye west baby

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed baby girl North on June 15, 2013.


Kanye West is loving parenthood so much he's already gearing up for baby No. 2!

Sources close to the couple exclusively share with Life & Style that Kanye desperately wants to have another child with Kim Kardashian right away.

“Kanye wants Kim to get pregnant immediately after their wedding in May,” a source reveals to Life & Style.

“That’s the plan — his plan, at least."

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But another source shares that Kim is less than thrilled about jumping on the baby train again.

"She wants some time off before getting pregnant again,” the source notes. “And Kim will get her way.”

The reason?

Another source tells Life & Style the reality star is determined to keep the trim and toned physique she worked so hard to get back after giving birth to daughter North last June. And she's not ready to give it up again so soon.

She's "probably already shelled out $400,000,” to get her body back, says the second source. “It’s insane."

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From $3,000 a week on elite trainers, visits to an ultra-exclusive plastic surgeon who costs up to $5,000 a session for laser treatments, $7,000 a week for a team of nutritionists and a whole new wardrobe, Kim is doing everything she can to hold onto her fit figure.

“Pregnancy was not a good experience for me,” Kim has confessed.

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