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They Were ~That~ Girl! Take a Look at These ’90s Bombshell Babes Then vs. Now: See Photos

Still not over them! Like every decade, the ‘90s was known for its iconic trends and stars, but there’s one thing that stuck out more than the rest. The ladies were certified hotties. So, it’s safe to say that it was the era of the baddies.

Some of the women were so iconic that their unique features are still trending to this day. Let’s take Pamela Anderson, for example. The Baywatch actress was a blonde bombshell who had everyone drooling over her. The ladies were too but mostly because of her signature messy bun.

After the Hulu series Pam & Tommy was released in 2022, Gen Zers — who clearly just discovered the look — had the updo by a chokehold and started posting endless tutorial videos on TikTok. Even celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Cardi B brought back the “Pammy Updo” to achieve the ultimate look. 

The Broadway star — who doesn’t use social media — says the trend is “a nice compliment.” “I think it’s become that more people are trying to be like other people, but in the ’90s, we were all just trying to be ourselves,” she told Vogue in March 2022. “Not too long ago, I decided I didn’t have to change, I just had to be more of me. And that was such a great feeling for me. That’s what we all need to do.”

Halle Berry was and still is known for her gifted acting skills and breathtaking beauty. It didn’t matter what hairstyle she rocked at the time … the Catwoman star was always a dime. She’s seemingly made endless dream girl lists, considering her name is often referred to in songs. 

“I wonder how Halle Berry feels about being mentioned in damn near every rap song,” an online user tweeted in June 2021. Her reaction is what any woman would say if they were in her shoes. “I love it!” she responded.

She starred in The Flintstones live-action film in 1994, which took the popular cartoon to a whole other level.

“Everyone said, ‘Oh, why would you want to do a movie based on a cartoon?’ … to see 28 years later, that this character has become so beloved and has resonated with so many of you is so gratifying,” she tweeted in June 2022. “Draped in brown, but Miss Stone is still the blueprint.

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