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Amanda Stanton Recalls ‘Really Scary’ Incident With A Man Trying To Break Into Her Home

So traumatizing! Bachelor in Paradise star Amanda Stanton revealed a man tried to break into her home and nearly came face-to-face with her mother. She took to Instagram Stories to share the terrifying experience on Oct. 16 and explained what happened from start to finish.

“As you know I was on a trip with my boyfriend the past few days,” the 28-year-old began. “I never really put too much thought into going out of town and posting about my trips in real time, but the past couple of weeks have been really eye opening for me that I need to take my safety in my own home more seriously. I got home late last night so my mom picked up Kins from school and stopped by my house to put some packages inside. As she was about to leave out my garage, a man tried to break in through the front door.”


Amanda said she was very thankful the intruder zoomed off after seeing her mom, but he happened to leave a flashlight behind with his name on it. The Bachelor alum said that scared her, since she didn’t know if he intended to use it as a weapon considering it was broad daylight when he arrived. “I’m not sure if this was just a random act or if it was someone who knew I was out of town through social media. Either way, it’s really scary,” she continued. “I also had paparazzi photos taken of me and Charlie at the gas station across from my house in Irvine two weeks ago.”


The reality star said she was concerned because the “only way to have gotten those photos were if someone followed me from my house.” Amanda reminded her fans to lock their doors, install security cameras, and close windows. “I’ll make sure to have a house sitter from here on out. It’s a scary world we live in sometimes,” the mother-of-two wrote. Amanda shared several snaps with Bobby Jacobs during her trip, visiting Lake Louise, Lake Agnes Tea House, and more, so she also warned people about posting their every move on social media. We’re glad everyone is OK!

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