Is anyone else experiencing déjà vu? Bachelor in Paradise star Amanda Stanton has a new boyfriend in her life — and he his resemblance to ex-fiancé Josh Murray is uncanny. The blonde beauty has been dating Bobby Jacobs for a few months now and seems to be happier than ever. Check out the video above to see Amanda's new beau!

Bobby is a 32-year-old professional volleyball player who lives in Southern California, right near Amanda. He's been popping up on her Instagram feed since April — and her followers can't get over how adorable they are together. "I am so happy for you. I am glad you found someone who obviously makes you and your two little beauties so happy. Good luck to you," one fan wrote in the comments section of the Instagram post below. "Soooo glad you two are together! Think he’s by far the best guy you have been with! Wishing you the best," a second added.

Amanda previously dated Josh on the third season of Bachelor in Paradise, but their relationship fizzled out rather quickly after the show. "Looking back now, it was a huge mistake. I think that was something that made the breakup a million times harder because my kids were involved," the mom-of-two — who shares daughters Kinsley and Charlie with ex Nick Buonfiglio — said on allowing Josh to move in with her family.

She continued, "Yeah, it was a huge mistake, public mistake that I felt like everyone was judging me on. Which is really tough, but I kind of learned to forgive myself for it. Everyone makes mistakes. I learned a lot from it. If I could go back, I definitely wouldn’t have him move in so soon." Hopefully, Amanda's relationship with Bobby works out better than her relationship with Josh did!

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