Too hilarious! Amy Schumer took to Instagram on Wednesday, April 15, to poke fun at herself over the original name she and husband Chris Fischer gave their son, Gene, prior to changing it.

“Oh, like you never named your kid Genital fissure!!!!!!!” the 38-year-old captioned a selfie with her hubby. LOL. We love her sense of humor, and so do her fans. “Literally the funniest person alive! Always make my day,” commented one follower. “This is the news we all needed,” wrote a second person. “Thank you for bringing us all smiles,” shared a third fan.

Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer
Courtesy of Amy Schumer/Instagram

Her son’s original name was Gene Attell Fischer, but that changed when the comedian came to a very interesting realization. “So, do you guys know that Gene — our baby’s name — is officially changed?” she divulged during the “” podcast on April 14. “It’s now Gene David Fischer. It was Gene Attell Fischer, but we realized that we by accident named our son, ‘genital.'” At least she can laugh about it!

It’s evident Amy enjoys parenthood. “I didn’t know I could love someone that much no offense to my husband, who’s here,” Amy told in November 2019. “But yeah, I think we’re both shocked by the level of love that’s possible.”

The I Feel Pretty actress loves being a mom so much, she’s looking forward to expanding her brood someday. In February, she revealed she underwent IVF to increase her chances of making that happen.

“Hey! So IVF went like this for us,” she captioned an Instagram post at the time. “They retrieved 35 eggs from me. Not bad for the old gal right? Then 26 fertilized! Whoa, right? For all of those, we got [one] normal embryo from that and [two] low-level mosaic (mosaic means there are some abnormal cells but can still lead to a healthy baby). So we feel lucky we got [one]! But what a drop-off, right?”

We wish Amy and Chris the best!