Ah, (slightly painful) memories. Former Bachelor star Colton Underwood had a serious bonding moment on Twitter with Carrie Underwood and Colton Haynes about getting teased in middle school over their names. It turns out, they all had very similar experiences with their monikers being twisted into undergarments.

“My own kid just called me ‘Carefree Underwear.’ This is basically elementary school all over again,” the “Cry Pretty” songstress, 36, hilariously tweeted on March 31. The singer has two childrenIsaiah, 4, and Jacob, 2 months — and it sounds like her oldest already has a goofy personality.

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The 27-year-old reality star chimed in to let her know that he could relate. “Try ‘Cotton Underwear’ — elementary school was a rough time for me,” he confessed. Considering the reality stud has openly admitted he doesn’t actually wear underwear all that often, fans thought it was especially comical. “Is that why you stopped wearing it?” a few people asked.

In case you’re wondering, Colton and Carrie are not biologically related, they just share the same surname that apparently sounds like “underwear” to many children.

Another famous Colton shared his moniker woes in the Twitter chain. “I always got called ‘Cotton Hanes,'” Teen Wolf actor Colton Haynes, 30, revealed. It looks like these three will forever share this very strange bond.

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The Bachelor Nation stud has definitely grown out of his “Cotton Underwear” days and is currently dating the gorgeous Cassie Randolph. Although she recently moved to Los Angeles from Huntington Beach, the duo is taking it one day at a time and enjoying the normalcy of being off the famed reality show.

Colton and Cassie have made the mutual decision that the timing just isn’t right to live together at the moment,” the insider exclusively explained to Life & Style. “They’re waiting to see if their feelings continue to grow to marriage-level commitment. She really does want to see if it will work for them 100 percent, and in order to do that, she realizes she needs to take it at a normal pace.”

Keep killing the boyfriend game, Cotton … oh, uh, Colton!