Here Are the Best Tweets About Ariana Grande’s ‘Boyfriend’ Music Video Because It’s Everything We Needed

She just did that. Ariana Grande released her new song “Boyfriend” with Social House and the music video is incredible. The pop star definitely speaks to our hearts as she fights for Mikey Foster — who isn’t her man but is her man, you know? Fans can watch her use a bow and arrow like freaking Katniss Everdeen and get into a full-on brawl with another woman. Somehow, Ari still manages to look effortlessly gorgeous through the whole thing. It seems like the former Nickelodeon kid is making music for herself these days and is genuinely having a blast doing it. This music video is a perfect example of how much she’s killing it right now.

Just to give you a taste, the first verse reads: “I’m a motherf—kin’ train wreck/I don’t wanna be too much/But I don’t wanna miss your touch/And you don’t seem to give a f—k/I don’t wanna keep you waiting/But I do just what I have to do/And I might not be the one for you/But you ain’t about to have no boo.” The chorus continues, “You ain’t my boyfriend/And I ain’t your girlfriend/But you don’t want me to see nobody else.” Ugh, so good. Fans definitely think so, too, because Twitter was swarmed with hilarious tweets about the #relatable feeling Ariana’s new song evokes. Keep scrolling to see the best tweets!

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