To all the young people out there going through their dreaded awkward phrase, don’t sweat it, there’s still hope for you yet! Don’t believe us? We bring you Exhibit A … On Tuesday, March 19, world-famous model Ashley Graham took to Instagram to share a sweet ‘90s throwback.

“Me and Abby stuntin’ on ‘em since 1997,” Ashley, 31, captioned the snapshot of herself and sister Abigail. Now, as much as we are loving the adorable sibling memory, we cannot get over Ashley’s glow-up. Homegirl went from bowl cut to bombshell like it was nobody’s business.

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Me and Abby stuntin on em since 1997

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Naturally, Ashley’s 8.2 million followers shared in our shock and awe. “OMG this is amazing,” one user commented. “This is very important,” added another. One honest fan even wrote, “I don’t know why, [but] this photo gives me hope I’ll actually grow up to be pretty.”

To be clear, everyone is pretty in their own way — that’s a fact! However, we can certainly appreciate Ashley sharing this less-than-top-model photo with the world. It’s nice to know that even the most stunning ladies in the game weren’t always Vogue ready.

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We all have those days, today was mine.

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With that, the “Pretty Big Deal podcast host has never taken her responsibility as a model lightly. She knows that as a plus size woman, her role in the fashion industry is an inspiration to millions of women out there who struggle with their own self-image and worth. 

“After my TED talk came out, I had a girl with an eating disorder write me and say that I had instilled so much confidence in her, that watching me talk with confidence about my own body had encouraged her to seek treatment,” Ashley recently told Harper’s Bazaar Australia. “That’s when I realized, ‘Holy crap, me sharing my story is going to change people’s lives.’”

Changing people’s lives, indeed, girl! Keep slaying. You’re a role model to us all.

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