Welcome to the family! Bachelor alum Bekah Martinez announced the birth of baby No. 2 on June 19, but it took nearly a week for her and boyfriend Grayston Leonard to pick the perfect name for their first son. So, what did they decide to go with? “Only took us 5 days, but this baby’s got a name 🤗 Welcome to the world, Frankie J!,” she captioned the post, which shows the little one sound asleep while wearing a nametag that says Franklin James. How perfect!

So far, Bekah hasn’t shared whether the name bears any significance to their families, but Franklin is of English origin and means “free man,” according to BabyNames.com, while James is of Hebrew origin meaning “supplanter,” or one who supercedes or replaces.

“It’s been kind of hard because Gray’s climbing gym opened back up for the first time since COVID on Friday, so literally the day that he was born, of course, because that’s how things go,” Bekah explained one day earlier about why it took so long to pick a moniker. “So Gray hasn’t been home a lot, so honestly we haven’t had a lot of time to even just really sit down and discuss it.” We think they came up with the perfect name for the little cutie, even if it took a bit longer.

Bekah Martinez Baby No. 2 Name Meaning
Courtesy of Bekah Martinez/Instagram

The former ABC star is already the proud mama of a daughter, Ruth Ray De La Luz, shared with Gray. Now, Ruth has been promoted to big sister and there’s no doubt she’ll love spending time with her new sibling.

“With my first daughter Ruth, we had her at a birth center,” the 25-year-old said on Us Weekly’s “Here for the Right Reasons” podcast ahead of her delivery. “This time, [Grayston and I] decided we were going to do a home birth with midwives. So that was already the plan. Now with quarantine and COVID-19, it’s kind of nice that I don’t have to be at the hospital.”

“If anything, some people think I’m a little less crazy, so good,” she quipped about her choice to welcome her second child in the comfort of her abode.

bekah martinez baby name meaning

As far as if her daughter ever noticed her baby bump, Bekah said it’s hard to tell. “[My stomach] been slowly growing over half her life, basically, like I got pregnant when she was seven months old. So I don’t know. But we tell her like, ‘Baby, there’s a baby inside,’ and we’ll point to pictures of babies,” she dished.

The star also shared her thoughts about adding a boy to the mix, revealing she didn’t have any “preconceived notions” about what to expect. “You have little girls who are crazy, energetic maniacs everywhere all at once, then you have little boys who are just super sweet and cuddly and easygoing and have sort of that stereotypical girl energy,” she said. “It’s kind of a gamble.”

Bekah and the rock climbing gym owner welcomed their first child in February 2019, and found out a few months later that she was expecting again. By November, the brunette beauty announced she had a second bun in the oven.

Now, they are officially a family of four!