Courtesy of @bellathorne/Instagram

Ooh, la la! Actress Bella Thorne showed off her ~assets~ in a sexy photo set taken while in quarantine on April 8. Needless to say, the internet went into a total frenzy over the all-natural pics where the 22-year-old proudly flaunted the cellulite on her legs.

“Dress me up like a Barbie,” the brunette beauty captioned the series of three photos of herself with her booty on display on Instagram. In the snaps, Bella rocked a classic black and white Chanel logo bodysuit and a gold Chanel chain belt. She also wore a cute pair of floral knee-high boots.

Naturally, fans and followers flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts on the steamy pictures. “God is a woman,” one user gushed, while another raved, “This is illegal OMG!!!!” A separate follower noted the “cellulite on fleek,” to which Bella replied, “Natural [baby], no Photoshop.”

Plus, her boyfriend, Benjamin Mascolo, also left love on the post. “I miss dat ass,” he wrote. Of course, Bella sent a sweet reply. “I miss [you] pumpkin,” she said.


It’s no surprise to see these two gushing over one another on social media as they spend time apart amid social distancing due to coronavirus concerns. In fact, the former Disney starlet wrote a heartfelt post about her beau, 26, when Ben first left for his native Italy in early March.

“One of the last times I was in Italy,” the bombshell babe captioned a series of two photos of the sweet twosome being affectionate with one another at dinner. “Ben just went back. I just want to remind everyone I know it’s at the top of all our minds … there’s also a lot of people misinformed we can’t let mass hysteria take over our lives. I’m scared too … but let’s try and stay calm for as long as we can. I miss [you] Ben already.”

We can only imagine how difficult it is for these two lovebirds to be apart at a time like this. While so many other celebrity couples are self-isolating together, our hearts go out to Bella and Ben. We hope you two can get back into each other’s arms soon!