Honesty hour. Bachelor in Paradise alum Raven Gates gave a health update after being misdiagnosed with a chronic illness and undergoing surgery. Luckily, the Bachelor Nation babe is feeling much better these days and is ready to start wedding planning with her finacé, Adam Gottschalk, whom she met in Mexico during season 4.

“I’M BACK! And finally feeling back to myself!! Have you ever been so tired and so drained that it’s all you can do to keep from just falling apart? But, the show must go on,” the 28-year-old began a lengthy Instagram caption on January 16. “I shared on my IG story over a week ago that I had a surgery [and] had been misdiagnosed with a chronic illness.”

Raven Gates and Adam Gottschalk Relationship
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Although Raven was open to sharing her progress, she kept the details under wraps for now. A fan asked more about her health issues and what she was misdiagnosed with, but the Arkansas native explained that she needed more time. “I don’t want to share just yet until I’m completely out of the clear but the misdiagnoses [were] just due to the symptoms being very similar,” Raven responded.

Raven Gates Gives Health Update
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All in all, the starlet’s health is back up and she’s ready for a new year. Well I’m feeling SO MUCH BETTER. [Three] years of pain finally gone … and I can now function throughout my day without any pain!” she continued. “2019 was a rough year for me, emotionally and physically. I kept a lot in, I rose above and felt like I kept getting kicked while I was down.”

She has some exciting things on the horizon, including getting ready to walk down the aisle. “But, 2020 … Whew, I wasn’t expecting the goodness [and] the grace I’ve gotten even in this first month. So, with all that said — KEEP the HOPE things will get better. I love you guys [and] I’m here for you like you have been for me …  Oh yeah, AND LET THE WEDDING PLANNING BEGIN.”

Raven’s fellow Bachelor family rallied to support the starlet and her big news. Astrid Loch left a slew of heart emojis. “So glad you’re doing well!” former Bachelorette contestant Jason Tartick added. “There she is!!!!” Jasmine Goode gushed over her pal.

We can’t wait to see what’s next for Raven!