There are few shows that captured our hearts quite like The Office. And on the show, there are few characters we love as much as Kevin Malone!

We mean, what isn’t there to like about Kevin? He cares about his friends and his dog, he keeps things simple and tells it like it is, and he always (always!) has candy at his desk. He’s the real deal — save for some episodes where he sports a not-so-great hair piece (which, honestly, we understand). But it turns out that when it comes to Brian Baumgartner — the genius actor behind Dunder Mifflin’s token goofball — he’s not as he appears?

If you think the accountant’s distinct, raspy voice is what Kevin Brian sounds like in real life, well, then, you have a lot to learn about about this town, sweetie! Don’t believe us? Just check out the video below (and, we promise, it isn’t just videos of Cookie Monster dubbed with Kevin’s voice… Not this time, at least)!

How crazy?! We gotta admit, the fact that Brian brought Kevin to life is probably the best thing about him, but the fact that he’s just as much of a fan of The Office as the rest of us is definitely a close second! “I was such a fan of the show myself, so I get it,” he said during a March 27, 2017 appearance on The Rich Eisen Show, which is televised exclusively on DIRECTV’s Audience Network. “In fact, I just now — about three, four weeks ago — I went back to the beginning, and I started watching The Office for the first time… We used to actually get together in each other’s houses and watch the show we were starting out… So we watched them, and then we started watching them individually, but I had not gone back and watched any of the shows really, and certainly not in order.”

In same interview, he talked about how weird it is to have younger kids come up to him because they’re fans of The Office — even though some of them weren’t even born when they started in 2005! Which is totally missing the bigger picture — how unnerving it must’ve been for those kids to go up to “Kevin” only to hear the real Brian’s voice! That said, after watching the video above, we know better than to ask him to do the Kevin voice…