Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo’s divorce just keeps getting messier. The former Bachelorette couple can’t seem to agree on finances and Bryan wants more than what Rachel is offering in spousal support.

Rachel, 39, offered her estranged husband $9,882 in spousal support a month, but Bryan, 44, refused the offer, according to court documents obtained by TMZ. The outlet reported that, instead, the chiropractor asked for a monthly payment of $16,275. Bryan stated that he “had nothing left” after paying his monthly expenses, including his car, entertainment costs and more.

The paperwork also revealed that Bryan claimed Rachel wasn’t blindsided by his request for divorce and accused the reality TV star of using the situation as a “PR play to garner sympathy from the public.” TMZ reported that Bryan has been staying with friends to avoid the “toxic environment” at his and Rachel’s shared home, even though they had previously been living together amid their divorce.

Court documents obtained by Life & Style showed that Bryan filed for divorce on January 2, and cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason. He also listed the couple’s separation date as December 23, 2023.

Bryan addressed their split on Instagram shortly after the news broke.

“After more than 4 years of marriage, Rachel and I have made the difficult decision to part ways and start anew. My parents have been married forever and I’m a family man but sometimes loving yourself and your partner means you must let go. I wanted you to hear it from the source before the blogs start making up their own reality,” Bryan wrote at the time. “Please respect the spaces of our family and friends as we figure out our next steps. Respectfully, Bryan.”

Rachel broke her silence on January 5, during an episode of her “Higher Learning” podcast.

Bryan Abasolo Requests $16k a Month From Rachel Lindsay
Emma McIntyre / Getty Images

“Obviously it’s a difficult time, if you’ve read the headlines, and you’re probably wondering why I would even work,” Rachel said. “But to be honest with you I need to distract myself from myself and the best way to do that is to do something that I love and I love ‘Higher Learning.’ I will eventually, but now is not the time, just trying to take it day by day.”

On June 27, Life & Style exclusively revealed that Rachel demanded the Florida native pay her $15,000 for dragging out the divorce and her legal fees after he requested that she pay him $75,000 to cover his legal fees along with spousal support. In the documents filed by Bryan and obtained by Life & Style, he claimed that he only made $1,700 a month with his chiropractic business and it wasn’t enough to cover the cost to move out of the couple’s shared marital home.

However, Rachel opposed the requests. While she agreed that Bryan should be paid spousal support but said that Bryan’s income should be based on his “earning capacity in the amount of $13,413 per month, which is reasonable given [Bryan’s] ability to earn working full-time, prior to any Order of spousal support payable from [Lindsay] to [Bryan].”

The documents also stated, “Bryan has failed to produce all of the relevant information regarding his income, thus making this process far more expensive than it need be. Given the fact that he largely paid his own expenses during our marriage, it is unfathomable that he is only earning slightly more than $1,000 per month as he states on his Income and Expense Declaration.”