After Arie Luyendyk Jr. dropped the L bomb more than once before handing out the final rose, fans are wondering if The Bachelor can say “I love you.” While there is no official rule against professing your love on the reality dating competition, past leading men have admitted it is frowned upon.

Following his season, Sean Lowe opened up about the ~faux pas~. “When you can’t say ‘I love you,’ you have to come up with other things, and apparently the only thing I could come up with is, ‘I’m crazy about you,” he said. Brad Womack also seemingly went against producers’ rules — but had zero regrets about opening up to Emily Maynard on the ABC reality series. “I didn’t expect that. I’m falling in love with you too,” he told the future Bachelorette. “I’m not going to sit here and listen to that and not say anything back. It makes me the happiest guy in the world to hear you say the same thing.”

However, fans were definitely not impressed when Arie said the L-word before each of his fantasy suite dates with Kendall Long, Lauren Burnham, and Becca Kufrin. “How the heck can Kissing Bandit say ‘I love you’ to 3 different people!?! Who does that?” one viewer asked before another tweeted, “Arie’s transition from the ‘kissing bandit’ to the ‘I love you bandit’ is complete.”

We know Arie is not the first and definitely won’t be the last to say “I love you” on The Bachelor. Keep scrolling to see who else has said those three simple words before the final rose!

Ben Higgins

ben higgins jojo fletcher lauren bushnell getty images

Ben told not one, but two ladies (Lauren Bushnell and JoJo Fletcher) “I love you” on his season — creating some backlash amongst Bachelor Nation. However, he defended his decision to be honest with the remaining contestants. “I don’t know of a rule book, maybe there is one, maybe fans out there are hiding…I keep hearing he broke all the rules,” he told [+E! News_. “They say, ‘Do this how you think you should do this,’ and you don’t always know the best answer to questions and sometimes you do develop feelings you don’t expect. What I committed to was expressing those feelings, but no one ever said, ‘Don’t do that, don’t do this!'”

Chris Soules

chris soules & whitney bischoff

The farmer told both Kaitlyn Bristowe and Becca Tilley he was “falling in love” with them — but surprisingly only told cameras about his love for Whitney Bischoff, who eventually won the final rose and got a barnyard proposal.

Juan Pablo

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Just kidding. The controversial Bachelor couldn’t even tell winner Nikki Ferrell “I love you” instead opting for the always romantic “I like you… a lot.” The words every woman wants to hear, right?

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